On the training conducted by Zhezkazgan Transport Prosecutor's Office to counteract the activities of destructive associations

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On May 3 of this year, on the initiative of Zhezkazgan Transport Prosecutor's Office on the basis of the Zhezkazgan Prosecutor's Office a training-seminar on "Counteraction to extremist and destructive religious activities" was held.

The speaker of the seminar was the director of the Association of Religious Research Centers, a forensic expert, a consultant on counteracting the socio-psychological manipulation of consciousness in destructive and radical groups, and a member of the Council for Relations with Religious Associations under the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan Denissenko Yu.

Heads and employees of the prosecutor's offices of the cities of Zhezkazgan, Satpayev, national security bodies and internal affairs were also invited to the training.

Participants were given the opportunity to learn effective methods of combating one of the main threats of modern society.

The master class on manipulative influence, technologies for reforming consciousness, methods of protection against destructive programming was conducted for the employees.

Accenting attention was paid to issues of improving the work to counter extremism and terrorism, including preventive measures against destructive and radical threats and manifestations.

The conducted training will help in the implementation of high-quality execution of tasks assigned to the supervisory and law enforcement agencies in general. A fundamentally important issue today is the provision of stability, security and harmony in society, which requires the maximum use of the prosecutors' potential.

According to the listeners, the training was very useful and interesting, as an event of this kind was held in the Zhezkazgan region for the first time.


Zhezkazgan Transport Prosecutor's Office