On the round table held by Druzhba Transport Prosecutor's Office on the prevention of offenses

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On May 11 of this year, Druzhba Transport Prosecutor's Office conducted a round table on the prevention of offences in order to improve the business climate in the entrepreneurial sphere.

Employees of controlling bodies («Dostyk» customs, phyto and sanitary-quarantine control), representatives of brokerage and forwarding companies took part in the work.

In the course of the meeting, problematic issues related to execution of documents, application of customs legislation and sanitary and quarantine norms during customs clearance were discussed.

As part of the President's Address to the nation dated December 14, 2012, "The Strategy of Kazakhstan-2050" - New political course of the established state", prosecutor G. Abdykhalikov explained the norms of compliance by the society and state bodies with the principle of "zero tolerance" for disorganization and offences.

During the meeting, the mobile application "Qamqor – защита бизнеса" launched by the Committee on Legal Statistics and Special Accounts of the General Prosecutor's Office was presented, which serves as a pocket assistant to the entrepreneur.

According to this application on the mobile phone of the businessman, in case of the inspection of his activity, a Push-notification will come with the text "The inspection will come to You", where the entrepreneur will be able to see the following information: terms, period, legal grounds, subject and persons participating in the inspection.

Based on the results of the event, recommendations and proposals were developed to resolve the problems that have arisen.


Druzhba Transport Prosecutor's Office