The action "Open Doors Day" conducted by Akmola Transport Prosecutor's Office

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The action "Open Doors Day" conducted by Akmola Transport Prosecutor's Office - 418328395

In June of this year, Akmola Transport Prosecutor's Office together with the Regional Transport Department of Committee on the legal statistics and special accounts of the General Prosecutor’s Office of the Republic of Kazakhstan held an action "Open Doors Day" at the railway station in Astana.

The purpose of the action was to provide citizens with legal assistance, explaining the rights and obligations of the employer and employee, identifying problem issues in the region.

The event was attended by 20 employees of railway enterprises, to the questions of which there were given explanatory answers.

Citizens were given opportunities to use the services of the prosecutor's office, namely: on the web-site to check the validity of the inspection, the existence of administrative penalties, etc.; on the site under the directory "100 councils of the prosecutor", from the position of the law to receive answers to frequently arising questions in daily life.

In addition, information was brought to the attention of the participants on the activities of the current mobile group to protect the rights of entrepreneurs, as well as the possibility of addressing violations of labor and other legal rights through the telephone lines of the prosecutor's office: (tel. 8 (7172) 71-23-23, 71-23-86).

At the end of the action, all participants were given memos, developed by the Main Transport Prosecutor's Office "To help passengers!" and brochures of the mobile group with contact details of the prosecutors.


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