On the work carried out by Semirechensk Transport Prosecutor's Office to supervise over the legality of the enforcement process

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Semirechensk Transport Prosecutor's Office analyzed the condition of legality of executive documents, during which it was determined that over the past period of this year in accordance with supervisory acts, in the state's income more than 170 million KZT was recovered.

Also, the analysis identified problematic issues in the organization of the work of private bailiffs on executive documents subject to compulsory execution.

In this regard, in order to eliminate the identified shortcomings, the prosecutor's office, with the invitation of representatives of authorized bodies for transport and the Regional Chamber of Private Bailiffs of Almaty, conducted an interdepartmental meeting.

As a result of the meeting, there was developed a step-by-step algorithm for the actions of employees of authorized bodies in transport in the process of collecting administrative fines and sending them to compulsory execution.

As a result, in order to implement the decision of the interdepartmental meeting, a room was allocated to organize the work of the Regional Chamber of Private Bailiffs in Almaty.

Work in this direction continues.


Semirechensk Transport Prosecutor's Office