On Kyzylorda Transport Prosecutor's Office's achievement in decrease in the number of thefts

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Within the framework of the projects of the General Prosecutor's Office of the Republic of Kazakhstan "Stop Thefts" and the Main Transport Prosecutor's Office of the Republic "Cargo Safety", the Kyzylorda Transport Prosecutor's Office carried out a number of measures targeted at prophylaxis and prevention of theft of someone’s property.

As part of the implementation of these projects, the linear police introduced the practice of escorting freight and container trains by transport police officers on the territory serviced by the Linear department of internal affairs at Kyzylorda station.

As a result, at present, it has been possible to reduce the number of registrations of thefts to 33%.

Decrease in the number of thefts was also promoted by additional video surveillance installed at the stations.

At Kyzylorda railway station, there was installed a billboard on the theme "Ұрлық қллмысынан сақтанайық", as well as brochures and memos in all directions on the trains.

Work in this direction continues.


Kyzylorda Transport Prosecutor's Office